The brand starts in Spring Summer 2016.
WISLOM is named using 2 words of “WISTERIA” the designer’s name in English and “LOOM”.
The designer calls his design studio as LAB as he is dedicated to study material development – always searching for a new possibility of materials’ property in order to create and supply one and only textile, he also considers WISLOM as an experimental LAB brand.
Also his goal is to develop products that can only be achieved with the cooperative activities – working closely with essential clothing making partners such as mills, sewing factories, pattern cutters and others. Just like different combination of warp and weft yarn makes various textures of fabric, he believes in working combination with these partners makes a difference in his product.
WISLOM Spring Summer 2016 first collection is outerwear only. It is very limited pre-collection but the innovative and utility dailywear conscious collection has a function as a gear for modern city life.

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